Approximately four years ago I started training with weights, but, never had any direction.  The training at best was more of a social aspect of the gym. I started training with Bryan and I began to focus on what I was doing and with his background and motivation it became more interesting everyday. Today, because of Bryan, I feel better and continue to train.  His gym is bright, with good quality equipment, which is always maintained and ready to use.  Bryan, is truly interested in the safety and well being of his clients by providing a specific workout for each individual along with quality and patience. As a trainer you can't match his, as a friend he's the best.

Jack Uster

After years of aerobics I never thought that I would enjoy weight training, because of the extra hours spent in the gym.  Through Bryan's training method, I found out with great results, that I could get my weight training to 30 minute sessions with superior results.  I would recommend training with Bryan, as he has the experience to take you where you want to go with your training.

Suki Jensen

Dear Future Student,

Congratulations on your decision train with Bryan McCluskey! Though his credentials may impress you, his ability to guide you through your workout imparting valuable knowledge in the art of weight training makes his instruction unbeatable.
As a certified IFPA trainer myself I have had the opportunity to train with and under some of the best in the industry. I consider it an honor to now refer to myself as one of his associates. Over the past four years that I've worked with him my own style has improved greatly. Bryan's technique is unique, he is motivational and gets the quickest, safest, and most visible results in my experience. He instinctively knows exactly how to bring you to the edge of your endurance, making the process both encouraging and exiting!
In addition, he brings an aura of strict professionalism rarely found in the industry.
I am excited for you! You've made an excellent decision. With Bryan's help, I know you will reach your goal!

Stella Wawarzyniak
Personal Trainer

Just wanted to write and thank you for all you've helped me with despite the injury  to my shoulder and my bad knees. You have taken me to a new level as a Martial Artist and as an Instructor. Since I have been working with you, my strength, balance and stamina have increased at least 100%. Again I can't thank you enough for all you've have done for me. I am thoroughly looking forward to reaching even higher and greater  goals.

Thomas Shockly
Martial Arts Instructor
United Studios of Self Defense


To Whom It May Concern:

                One of the struggles with exercising is finding a trainer who is motivational enough to inspire consistent results.  Brandie helped me to design a program that worked with my existing schedule that I could follow over a long period, so that I could actually see and feel the difference.  The success of her training has been directly tied to her ability to design a program based upon my goals, physical ability, time constraints, and metabolism.  She has combined cardio with yoga, strength training, plyometrics, and nutritional guidance to create a well rounded approach to fitness training.  Her focus on proper form, movement education, muscle recruitment and breathing has helped me to monitor my own intensity while learning to trust my body again and preventing injury.  Brandie brings her own success in personal training, coupled by professionalism, inspiration, great energy and a holistic approach to training the body and mind to each session.  Each workout is also different, so it never gets old.  Now when I go in to exercise, I am excited about challenging my overall fitness, while continuing to gain results that leave me feeling strong and showing amazing results.


Christopher R. Henson



Just a quick note to say thank you. After turning 36, and not being in a gym for 9 years, I'm sure you can understand how hard it was for me to get back on track with health and fitness. Since working with you one-on-one, not only have I lost weight, I have gained muscle, tone, and self confidence. I could never accomplish any of these at a "typical" gym. Anytime I would get tired, I would just stop. You keep me strong, focused, and have taught me nutrition as well. I thank you for all the time you have invested in me as a person.


Thanks Again!!!!!


Darcy Weigel

The first time I met Brandie, I noticed how beautiful she is ( on the inside and out). She knew exactly where my limits were the very first day and helped me overcome them mentally and physically. I have now been working out with her for three months and could not be happier with my results. By setting up time with Brandie, I feel accountable to her to be there on time and ready to work. There are days where I fee like I have hit my  limit and she knows exactly what to say to get my mind back into it. She brightens my entire day. Brandie is the type of person who makes your dreams her own and you work together to achieve them. There are goals that I have achieved that I did not even know I would set for myself, and I want to continue this trend.  I feel stronger than I have ever felt and have more energy overall. I am also amazed at how well I sleep at night. I used to lie on the bed and rehash every part of my day, all the things I did, needed to do, and had coming. However, now I lie there in complete peace. Working out has been the best stress relief I could have ever asked for.

All the best,  

Maggie Farnik

My name is Susan Petty and I am a fifty-one year old woman who was out of shape and knowing that if I did not do something soon it would only get worse. 
I heard about Fit Pros through a friend and decided I would call and meet with Brandie.  Our first meeting together she assessed my physical health and talked to me about what my goals were.  That first meeting was last December of 2010, and Brandie and I are still going strong together.
I have seen changes in my body that I never thought I would see again-like a waist line, muscles in my arms, legs, and even my calves.  I never had calf muscles!  Brandie is an awesome motivator, and she has this ability to push you beyond what you think you can accomplish and makes you feel great about what you are doing.
Brandie makes training fun and it is such a quick workout with huge results.  I would recommend Brandie and Fit Pros to anyone who is really serious about changing their health and fitness.

Susan Petty

The Fitness Challenge by Ruth Strauss

I liked the team camaraderie and friendly competition among the group. I think it helped me gain more stamina. I do like my legs and butt being firmer. Fit Pros asked how would you rate the Fitness Challenge on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (1 low and 5 high)? 5+ What knowledge did you take away from this experience? That I can do anything if I am diligent and do the hard work. So better self confidence. As a coach did Brandie challenge you during these 8 weeks? Oh hell yes!! Any additional comments. I will certainly miss Brandie and my workout group but do plan on carrying on with keeping fitness/nutrition a priority going forward and in my travels.

The Fitness Challenge by Hiltrud Afridi

I disliked doing burpees in the routine, but the conditioning served a purpose. The whole fitness challenge went great! Yes I did achieve my goals. I would give the Fitness Challenge a 5. What I learned is that when you work hard and focus, you can achieve your goals. Being with a team, and training along with you , makes it much more fun, and you get support and encouragement. A little friendly competition works too. Brandie did an excellent job! You pushed me , which on my own, I would have never done. You encouraged without ever making me feel bad, if I couldn’t keep up. Praise is the best reward,

Love you


The Fitness Challenge by Regina A. Wendling

I don’t know what I would do without this lady!!! She’s the best trainer/coach, therapist,friend that I could ever ask for‼️ She always pushes me to the limit and sets me straight when I’m down! Brandie Alexandria I don’t know where I would be today without you. Weight training has given me a new life/lifestyle ️

Torrance Atencio