Training Sessions

We train our students in an average of 30 minutes and we get superior results.  In 35 plus years our method of training has stood the test of time.  Training can be a part of everyone's lifestyle.  Investing in yourself is the best way to achieve your goals and to be in the best shape of your life. We offer you so much more than you pay for because we offer competitive rates for specialized training.  We have an impeccable track record and a wealth of experience.  Each of our students are like finger prints there are no two the same.  We pride ourselves in treating each student individually because we are all unique in our fitness goals and aspirations.




Personalized Training: Fit Pros offers individualized training, partner training, or group training for a more competitive edge with someone of your similiar strength or endurance. Training is fun, educational, and is based on lifelong change by teaching physical fitness and nutrition. In addition, using various methods of training to keep working out dynamic and diverse in order to achieve the desired result. Benefits include strength gains, endurance, posture, balance, weight loss, flexibility, bone density and range of motion.

Cardio Box: Is a group training boxing class that includes total body conditioning in a fun and engaging class that is structured for beginners and advanced students that  work out together as a unified group to inspire one another. This class is intense, exciting, and will push you to your limits! Benefits include hand/eye coordination, speed, agility, balance, power, self-defense, confidence, absolute conditioning, and weight loss.





  • Fat Loss/Weight Management
  • Keto Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Male & Female Modeling Preparation
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Senior Training
  • Sports Nutrition Counseling
  • Youth Training
  • Transformations
  • Weight training for Pregnant


  • Women's Figure
  • Women's Fitness
  • Women's Bikini
  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Body Building
  • Men's Physique
  • Endurance Event Training
  • Special Forces, Law Enforcement, or Boot Camp Training