Fit Pros Gym Master & Elite trainers Bryan and Brandie McCluskey a husband and wife team are specialized in body transformations; sports specific training; rehabilitation from injuries; strength training; flexibility; pre and post surgery training; power lifting; body building; competition preparation; life coaching; nutritional guidance; senior training; youth training; and much more!  Currently our youngest student is 14 and our senior student is 85 years-of-age.


Bryan McCluskey

  • Bryan started training in 1980.

  • His first win was Mr. Mile High.

  • Next Mr. Colorado.

  • He took 3rd in the state for power lifting.

  • Next year he won state championship and was rated by the International Federation of Power lifting Association as the 4th strongest in the U.S. and 7th strongest in the world.

  • Following he won the NABBA Grand Nationals.

  • He later was runner up as Mr. World.

  • After he won Mr. America.

  • Later he won Mr. Universe as a light heavyweight.

Hollis Lyman                                           

I am Hollis with Unlimited Force, a coaching and training company I started. I believe that it is through active movement of our physical bodies, our intentions, and our lives that we can change our world. By moving your body, creating decisive intentions, and upheaving the unwelcome parts of your life you will find that you are UNLIMITED, and you are a FORCE of change.

My goal as a coach is to connect with my clients. I want to know YOU better so that I know how to best help you reach your goals. This means that when I have a new client, with new challenges, I will do the work and the research to figure out our best course of action. No two people are the same and should never be treated generically. This process is about you, bettering your life experience, and setting you up to discover the unlimited possibilities your forceful energy can see you through!

I have worked with collegiate triathlete teams, high school cycling teams, swimmers, ultimate frisbee players, tae kwon do competitors, and other competitive athletes. I also work with clients who have never stepped foot in a gym before, who “hate working out,” and who love their beer unabashedly. I have the most wonderful, supportive, and engaged clients! Please reach out if you would like to work with me, meet me, or have questions I can answer.

Change your world. Change the world.

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Brandie McCluskey

  • Bikini Competitor

  • Figure Competitor

  • Fitness Model

  • Fitwall competitor

  • Model for fitness apparel

  • International Model

  • Model for MMG in New York and Los Angeles

  • Featured in Muscle and Body Magazine

  • Front Cover of Fit Body Magazine

  • Featured Fitness Model for Barndad Nutrition Supplements

  • Master Yoga Instructor

  • Doctorate Degree